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Engelska 5 - med orienteringskurs 20p - gymnasium dagkurs - 10 veckor


Dag, 120 poäng

Engelska 5 (100 p) - gymnasium dag med orienteringskurs (20 p) - 10V ENGELSKA – INTENSIV 50% studietakt (= ca 10 timmar lektionstid + ca 10 timmar hemmastudier) English 5 100p This is a 10 week intensive course (approx. 10 hours lesson time + at least 10 hours individual studies).

Passing the course requires good prior knowledge of English. English 5 is the first course at Upper Secondary level and builds upon the Lower Secondary level (grundskolan) English. It involves developing further your proficiency in reading, writing, listening and speaking. Students are required to take part in both group and classroom discussions, give speeches and complete 3-4 written assignments. You will use the course book Blueprint A, as well as other material and also read at least one novel (roman). You will write a National test. It is important to come to class prepared.


Test alternativ högst 4 år gammalt betyg från grundskolans engelska.


ENGENG05 (Länk till extern sida.)




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